We must work together to strengthen investment in high quality public education to support all students regardless of zip code or income. We need to make education a state priority and reallocate budget funds to make the Granite State a leader in educators and education. 


It is critical that we ensure the continued protection of our landscapes and environment with common sense regulation. We need to fight back against NH's fossil fuel industry and uphold standards for clean air and water.


Advocate for local communities and citizen input when large infrastructure projects are being considered in our area
put people first in infrastructure planning.



Secure a living wage which is a win-win for both employers and employees; a $12.50 minimum wage will improve our quality of life and stimulate our local economy and establish state supported job training centers for journeymen in the trades. These trades strengthen our communities and create well-paid job opportunities throughout rural areas.


We need to work to ensure that expanded medicaid is continued as it is an essential and critically important resource for New Hampshire residents. 



To invest in the next generation we should expand broadband internet and cell phone access across rural regions to attract innovative companies and youth workforce.

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